The Secret Experiment

new forms of storytelling


The Secret Experiment

new forms of storytelling

Welcome to The Secret Experiment, the award-winning production studio of mixed-media storyteller, videogame designer and conceptual artist Simon Meek.

We’re not big fans of overly complex websites, so scroll down for an overview of Simon’s work, and get in touch via email ( if you need any more information or want to start a conversation.



Firstly, let us you introduce you to Beckett – a surreal noir that Simon wrote, designed and directed as a videogame experience. It was selected to become part of V&A Dundee’s permanent collection in 2018, and in the same year won the Games category at BAFTA-Scotland.

You can get Beckett on Steam or (for PC or Mac systems)

Beckett has also been remixed as a physical experience: Memories Waiting to Happen, Memories Waiting to Fade, a set of 55 reality-shaping storycards that Simon created on commission by the V&A, and currently sold in V&A Dundee’s shop (and comes with a copt of Beckett).

Beckett Cards

It is also on its 2nd limited edition of its etched-vinyl, with music composed and remixed by Simon, who was thrilled when Gideon Coe chose to feature the work on his BBC6 Music show.

Beckett Record - 2nd edition.jpg



Fragments of a Fictional Place was the focus of Simon’s time as inaugural designer in residence at V&A Dundee. His idea was to create a series of short character vignettes from a fictional town in the east of Scotland – a place that would come alive in the minds of his audience as they were presented with an array of media expressions of these stories. A multi-artform jigsaw narrative.

A0 Banner_17-1 (1).png

This project gave rise to the following:

  • Tabloid and Exhibition – short form stories expressed via a fragmented tabloid layout, combining with physical exhibition space of ‘narrative artifacts’.


  • Broken and Reassembled – character sculpture as digital prints. Escape Plans is available to purchase as a print in V&A Dundee’s shop.

V&A Shop Pic.jpg

  • Windows into Place – installation piece based on projected photography, windows and field recording.
  • Honey and Milk Amongst Other Things – a monologue-lead film-script based on a day in the life of one of the town’s inhabitants.

His latest project, Seen in Moments out of Time, is a collection of reality constructs: combinations of print, text and audio that are presented as isolated elements, requiring the audience to combine them and create its evocative narrative in their heads. The prototype for this project (still in development) is available to buy at V&A Dundee’s shop.

It's Okay I Love You - set.jpg



Marnie Wakes is a randomised performance piece that Simon wrote and designed in 2018, created shortly after Beckett. It explores the memory loops of a woman and presents her differently at every performance/read.

Marnie Wakes pages

You can download a full-copy of the text here. If you’re interested in a physical version, drop us a line.

Amongst other things, Simon likes to experiment and dabbles where his passions take him. Here’s a small collection of other works that are as yet unassigned, but we think they’re worth sharing:

(hold tight, we’re in the process of populating this bit…)

He Stands in Wait



We’re still extremely proud that Simon was the creative lead behind the digital adaptation of John Buchan’s The 39 Steps – also available over at Steam for those who are interested.


Remember, if you’re wanting to get in touch via email:

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