Beckett is a deeply-disturbing surreal noir written, designed and directed by Simon Meek. It will make you question what it is to exist.

The digital fiction is currently featured in the V&A Dundee as part of its Scottish Design Galleries.

Beckett can be played on PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX) systems, downloadble from the following locations: (best for users who don’t have a Steam account – or don’t know what one is)

Steam (for those who do have a Steam account)



“It’s stuck with me, it invaded my dreams last night, it’s impactful like a knife tip is impactfu.” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

“A rare example of total and genuine auteurism in the games world” – Glixel, Rolling Stone

“The game stayed with me long after the credits rolled” – GamesFreezer

“a playable work of art” – Just Adventure

“a powerful experience for those willing to dive into it” – Big Boss Battle

“delivered in the most unique of ways to engage in every way” – Cubed3

“a disturbing, Dadaist trip that makes you question reality” – Alphr

“a beautifully put together piece of work which pioneers new methods of mingling interactivity with narrativity and poetry” Sabotage Reviews

“Playing Beckett is wonderfully transcendent. It feels like walking through a city at night, piecing together a story from discarded scraps of paper and posters stapled to telephone poles” – Rely On Horror

“It’s fascinating, but it’s dark, mysterious and surreal. You’ll relate to it; you’ll be horrified, unsettled, bemused” – GameSpew

“The Secret Experiment has done something extraordinary with its absurdist noir, Beckett. They have managed to conflate exploration of a town with exploration of the protagonist’s battered psyche. Shrewd use of text along with compelling visual and sound design results in an innovative and engrossing experience.” – Russell Lees, creator of The Dark Eye